Ooh arr!

The children all enjoyed some pirate themed arts and crafts last week.

They all enjoyed colouring in their own pirate ships, using some fun Pirate foam stickers and perhaps their favourite of all, decorating their very own Pirate swords!

The children (aged 2.5-4 years old) had great fun extending their vocabulary and learning lots of new words such as treasure, sails, mast and plank whilst the eldest of the group (aged 5) was able to teach them new phrases such as “x marks the spot”!


The kids loved these Superhero stickers this week. The youngest (aged 2) enjoyed the act of peeling the back of each sticker off which is great for their fine motor skills and the eldest  (aged 5) loved telling the younger ones  all about Superheroes and their superpowers and reading each of the words out aloud.


Areas of Learning Covered: Literacy, Physical Development (Fine Motor Skills), Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Communication & Language.


Mandala Colour in Flower Decorations

The children loved colouring in these Mandala Flower Colour-in decorations by Baker Ross after school today. Its another activity that is great whatever the child’s age. The older children can enjoy very intricate colouring in if they wish and the younger ones can simply just enjoy making marks. Aren’t they lovely?!


Spring school runs

Rain, rain, go away! You wouldn’t know it today with the rain hammering down outside but the start of Spring was promising with bright blue skies, birds singing, the village sheep baa-ing, bright yellow daffodils in full bloom and the kids and I spotting our shadows as we enjoyed our walks to and from school…apparently its due to brighten up tomorrow!



Tissue paper sunflowers

The children enjoyed making these bright and colourful tissue paper sunflowers this morning and they certainly cheered us up on a cold, miserable Monday morning!

At pick up, one of the Mummys told me that they had just planted some sunflower seeds in their garden at home which reminds me I must plant ours if we are to see ours in bloom by the Summer!


Cardboard Wreaths

The children have been busy making these lovely cardboard wreaths. It was a great activity they could all enjoy –  toddlers, pre-schoolers and school aged children. I laid out a selection of craft items for them to pick and choose and they were then able to work at their own pace to create their own wreath. It was a great activity for practising their fine motor skills, handling small craft items like sequins and pom poms helps them practise and develop their pincer grip.

They particularly loved seeing their finished wreaths hanging up on the wall and proudly took them home to show their Mums and Dads! Aren’t they great?!

Toys: This weeks most played with

Our toy baby dollies and pushchair have been a big hit here recently with the children but this week the children’s attention turned to our Happyland collection particularly these new additions.

I tend to buy all-plastic toys second hand, change out the batteries and wipe down with anti- bacterial wipes or spray and they are good to go.

This Happyland Safari plane complete with animals, pilot and ranger characters have been a big hit as have these construction builders vehicles and characters.

All great for little hands and inspiring imaginative play.




Rainy Day Activities: Junk Modelling

I have been stashing away lots of cardboard boxes and tubes for a while now, and, yesterday, with the rain hammering down outside again it seemed like the perfect day to give it to the kids (aged 2.5 – 9 years old) for a junk modelling session.

Armed with nothing but recyclables, scissors, sticky tape and labels and their imaginations they got stuck in.

It was lovely to watch them engrossed in the activity for a good hour, chatting away to one another and modelling some lovely behaviours and manners.

“Can I have the scissors please?”

“Oh dear, you’ve dropped some”!

“Look at my one, its really big, I built it really big”

“Look at mine Emily!”

“It’s a rocket!”

“This is a house”

Who needs expensive holiday activities?!

Areas of Learning covered: Communication & Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Literacy, Expressive Arts and Design

Characteristics of Effective Learning: Playing and Exploring, Active Learning, Creating and thinking critically.