Category: Children’s Health

Keeping children active

An interesting piece in the news today that states that one in three children are ‘not active enough’

Here at Aston Childcare, I take the children to parks and soft plays to keep them active. From about the age of 3 the children all walk on our daily school runs. We also try and make good use of our garden all year round. I ensure babies have lots of space to crawl and walk and I provide safe walkers on which to practice their walking, ball pits and dance mats all to encourage activity and movement.

First aid

Did you know that all childminders are required to complete a 2 day paediatric first aid course covering all manner of topics including baby CPR.

I recently refreshed my training with St Johns Ambulance. Apparently the first aid emergency that parents are most worried about is their baby not breathing, yet only 1 in 4 know what to do. They have produced a catchy tune with some playful nursery rhyme characters to help make baby CPR unforgettable. Be sure to share it with friends and family.